I am Louise, I am a Spiritual Coach, Reiki Master, Medium & Psychic And Hypnotherapist

I help people like you breakthrough difficult challenges  in your life and move towards your life purpose by helping you access the authentic you.

My own journey along this path began 30 years ago when my beliefs about myself began to change.

And then years later a very traumatic situation within my family took me on the reiki journey.¬† When I recieved my reiki 1 attunement all sorts of magical things happened. During my attunement all I could describe was initial a high vibrational energy surge and then a feeling floating. Even these words couldn’t fully decsribe the true feeling.

From this initial event all sorts of synchronicities and signs began to happen in every part of my life and all my senses became heightened. From this experience I went on to learn many amazing tools and techniques behind all of it spirit was guiding me. And that is the sort of life I want for you.

My journey is about helping others connect with their authentic higher spiritual self with simple life long tools that are easy to apply to anyone’s daily life.

As a woman, a busy business woman, an early menopausaul woman, a woman who has been bullied in the workplace and faced many health challenges. I understand the many challenges life can bring to you and your family.

But what I have learned when you teach people the tools and insight to access and live their authentic self, magic happens, You heal and so does the situations and those around you. The universe then opens up so many doors.

This is why I am where I amnow and why I am here to teach, support, nurture and empower you to be on the path that is meant for you



Louise x